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 The Museum "Russian Valenki" 


     Valenki are warm felt boots from woolly fleece. Often made solid, but can also be soft, to be worn under the other shoes. Valenki are the shoes of traditional peoples of Eurasia, which is used for walking on dry snow. To sloprotect them from the wear people sew leather or rubber soles to the boots or wear galoshes. Traditionally, the boots are brown, black, gray, and white, but in recent years issued valenki in many colors are sold.
      Museum "Russian boots", founded in 2001, is entirely devoted to valenki, which are a symbol of Russia, with its vast territory and a broad mind. In the museum you will see a variety of exhibits: here and valenki of the XIX century, elaborately embroidered by craftswomen, and modern design of the model. Also, you will be acquainted with the methods and tools of hand felting, stages the industry production and view the movie tracing the birth of the valenok from a pile of fleece to the finished product.

       Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – 11 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.




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