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 The Moscow Archeology Museum 


    The Moscow Archeology Museum was opened in 1997, this unique museum is located at the depth of 7 meters in an underground hall in the historic center directly at the large-scale archaeological excavations of 1993-1996 year. The exposition of the museum gives an idea of the medieval capital, the history of the territory of modern the Moscow's Manezh Square, contains general information about the method of archaeological research. The museum presents the material culture of the city XV- XVIII centuries. The exposition is based on the items of the XVI - XVII centuries found during the excavation near the Resurrection bridge, that used to connect the two banks of the river Neglinnoy.
    The Museum presents the most interesting archaeological findings found in the historic center of the city: artefacts of the material culture of Moscow citizens in the XV - XVII centuries, the XVIII - XIX centuries. (objects of medieval life of citizens and arms of Moscow Russia, a collection of tiles, pipes, etc.), money and prize treasures, religious objects from the necropolis Moiseevskaya monastery.

     Currently, the museum is closed for major repairs!






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