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 Neskuchnoe a historical manor and the oldest park in Moscow 


     “Neskuchnoe” is a vast country manor of prince N.Yu.Trubetskoy (1699-1767). It is a unique historical place in the boundaries of modern Moscow on the right bank of the Moscow River. By the end of the 18th century the title “Neskuchnoe” was applied also to manors standing next to the estate of Trubetskoy. At the beginning of the reign of Nicholas I all lots were bought by the palace department and Neskuchny Garden was planted on these lands.
    Pleasure manor of field marshal Nikita Trubetskoy in the middle of the 18th century occupied the south-eastern part of the modern Neskuchny Garden near Gagarin Square. “Neskuchny country house” was built in 1739-53 in the baroque style by city architect Dmitry Ukhtomsky. It was a vast park with “bird house”, houses of strikers and guard posts but only Hunting Box – a brick roofed summerhouse – remained. The estate of the Golitsyns bordered with the manor of Trubetskoy. The hospital, that was near the estate of the Golitsyns, also bore their name. A part of Neskuchny Garden that was the closest to the center of Moscow belonged to manufacturer Prokofi Demidov who bought it in 1754 from different owners.




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