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 Manor Studenec and park Krasnaya Presnya 


      Park “Krasnaya Presnya” that remained on the place of the ancient manor “Studenec” is a significant site of park and garden art of the 18-19th centuries of federal importance. The name of the manor comes from the Studenec brook that flows along Krasnogvardeisky Boulevard and from the Studenec well that was famous for its wonderful water.
     The manor belonged to the Gagarin Princes in 1790. M.A.Gagarin made the garden in “the Dutch style” with artificial ponds that became famous as Gagarin ponds.
Instead of the manor and Garden of Studenec School for Gardening in 1932 there was built a park. There are still a number of masterpieces from the past among which are picturesque Dutch ponds – they are the only in Moscow, and also the octagonal fountain-pump Octogon.




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