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 Izmaylovo Estate 


     Izmaylovo is the family manor of the Romanovs. Tsar Ivan the Terrible granted the manor to a representative of this dynasty Nikita Romanovich Zacharin-Yuriev. His younger son Ivan Nikitich inherited the manor. During the Time of Troubles the manor fell into neglect but when his nephew Mikhail started ruling the country the manor was revived. From 1640 the owner of the manor was Nikita Ivanovich, son of Ivan Nikitich. After Nikita Ivanovich's death in 1654 the estate became a country manor of the royal family.
     In 1667 during the ruling of Aleksey Mikhailovich the river Robka (now Serebryanka) was partitioned and made up the Serebryano-Vinogradniy pond which surrounded so-called Izmaylovskiy Island where the royal manor was situated. The centre of the manor was Sovereign's House (was built in 1664-1690). There were numerous household buildings around it. In 1812 Izmaylovo suffered from Napoleon's army. In 1850 Izmaylovo Nikolayevo Army Alms-house was opened.




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