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 Ljublino estate 


     Ljublino estate is a group of buildings dating to the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century in Ljublino district in Moscow. A tiny villa in the Palladian style is surrounded by Ljublinsky Park with an artificial pond. The estate was already titled Ljublino when prince Vladimir Petrovich Prozorovsky inherited it (1743-1796).
      About 1800 Ljublino was bought by Nikolay Alekseevich Durasov (1760-1818) - a rich man, the most prominent owner of the estate who built the manor on the bank of Ljublinsky pond. The main house represents one of the numerous variants of Villa La Rotonda. The date of the construction is not known. The main house is built in the form of a cross - the central rotunda hall is surrounded by 4 symmetric halls inscribed in a circle - an open colonnade. Besides the main house the group of buildings included a preserved theatre, a house for actors, a theatre school, a greenhouse and stables.




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