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 Open-air museum Abramtsevo 


     Abramtsevo manor is an open-air museum situated on the bank of the river Vori, 60km in the north-eastern direction from Moscow, in Sergievo-Posad region of Moscow Region.
     Abramtsevo manor became famous from the middle of the 19th century. Writer S.T.Aksakov (from 1843) and manufacturer S.I.Mamontov (from 1870) were the owners of the manor.
    After 1917 the manor was nationalized and turned into museum. The first museum curator was Alexandra Savvichna, daughter of S.I.Mamontov. Nowadays the open-air museum occupies 50 hectares and there are samples of architecture of the 18-19th centuries and a park. The collection of the museum includes more than 25 000 showpieces. The exhibitions are dedicated to life and creation of owners and famous guests of Abramtsevo.




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