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 Arkhangelskoye Palace 


      Arkhangelskoye is group of buildings including palaces and parks of the 18th century. The manor is situated in Krasnogorsky district of Moscow Region. Before the name of Arkhangelskoye was Upolozie (from 1537) after the name of one of the owners - Aleksey Ivanovich Upolockiy. In 1646 Fedor Ivanovich Sheremetyev owned here a manor with a wooden church. In the 17th century the owners of the manor were the princes Odoevskys. From 1681 to 1703 the owner of the manor was prince M.Ya.Cherkassky. From 1703 to 1810 the manor belonged to the Golitzyny family. In 1810 Arkhangelskoye was bought by prince N.B.Yusupov. He was a famous collector and was fond of fine arts.
      The park became a prominent part of Arkhangelskoye Palace and that is why the manor is often referred to as "Versale of Moscow Region".
       In 1901 architect P.V.Kharko organized repair and restoration of some of the parts of the main manor house. In 1910 painter I.I.Nivinsky held restoration of paintings and grisailles of the main building. In 1919 the manor was turned into art and historical museum.




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