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 Kuskovo estate 


     Kuskovo estate is the former residence of the princes Sheremetievs. The group of buildings in the estate is still kept in the style of the 18th century. The estate is situated in the eastern part of Moscow in Veshnyaki district. The estate includes a palace built in the second half of the 18th century in the classicism style; a park decorated with sculptures with a number of pavilions: "Grotto", "Greenhouse" (the second half of the 18th century), "Hermitage" (the second half of the 18th century), "Italian" house (18th century) and "Dutch" house (18th century).
     The manor was meant for entertaining guests. There were park pavilions and summerhouses, a greenhouse and a cabinet of curiosities, a menagerie and a hunting box.
    In 1918 Kuskovo was turned into estate and in 1938 it was united with the Ceramics Museum, the only one in Russia. In Kuskovo a number of historical series were filmed, for instance: "Vivat, navel cadets!" and "Secrets of palace revolution". You can visit the park and see the architecture of the estate, the Ceramics Museum and "Kuskovo manor of the 18th century".




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