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 Tsaritsyno Park 


     Tsaritsyno Park is one of the biggest open-air museums in Moscow. It includes Tsaritsyno park and a number of palaces, Tsaritsyno ponds and a landscape park. The territory of the open-air museum is preserved and guarded from 1998 as a part of nature territory "Tsaritsyno".
     In 1985-1988 the restoration of the Gallery-arch between the "Bread house" and the Great Palace in Tsaritsyno was held. In 1992 the restoration of Figure Bridge ended. In 1994 the museum was opened for visitors. The first exhibition was in the restored Second Cavalry building where the main collections of the museum were showed. In 1995 the restoration of the First Cavalry building and Great ("Gothic") bridge over the ravine was finished. In 1996 first museum exhibitions took place in Petit Palace and in the restored Opera house first concerts were performed. In next 10 years Opera house was the main exhibition and concert hall of Tsaritsyno. In 1998 Church of the God's Mother icon "Life-bearing spring", that is a part of the estate, was sanctified. In 1998-2000 Figure gates were restored; in 1998-2003 the Third Cavalry building and Greenhouse bridge were restored, in 2003 park summerhouse "Ceres's temple" was restored.
     In 2007 the biggest restoration on the territory of Tsaritsyno was finished. That was the restoration of the Great Tsaritsyno Palace.




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