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 Gireevo Palace 


     Gireevo village is known since the end of the 16th century. It was owned by the Gubinys, the Sheremetievys and the Golitsynys.
     In 1714-1718 in the estate of prince Ivan Golitsyn was built a stone church of The Vernacularize Image of the Savior.
      At the end of the 18th century the estate was owned by Dmitrij Stolypin ( from 1736/1740 to 1793). He built a park with the main wooden house and outbuildings. One of the outbuildings is preserved as well as a house with a tetrastyle portico but both are in bad condition.
    From 1805 to 1812 the owner of the estate was Marija Grigorievna Perovskaya, and after her Anna Ivanovna Zasetskaya. From 1852 the owners of the estate were the Torletskiys. The family owned the estate up to the October Revolution in 1917. The owners were commerce councillor Alexander Loginovich Torletskiy (1795 - 1865), his wife Elena Grigorievna Torletskaya (1890), E.V.Torletskaya, and from 1911 Ivan Aleksandrovich Torletskiy.




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