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 Ostankino Palace 


      Ostankino palace is a museum on the territory of the former estate of the princes Sheremetievys. Nowadays you can see there the real interiors of the 18th century, listen to the music of that times and operas of the Sheremetievys' theatre.
     The Palace was first mentioned in 1558 but the history of the estate begins from 1584. That year keeper of the seal clerk Vasilij Schelkalov, who was the owner of Ostankino village that time, built there a boyar house, planted a grove, dug a pond and founded a wooden church.
     The ensemble was forming for a couple of centuries and was finally finished by count N.P.Sheremetiev at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries.
     Ostankino Palace is almost the only theatrical building of the 18th century in Russia that preserved the stage, the hall, the dressing room and some of the mechanisms in the machinery space.
The Cathedral of the Living-Giving Trinity in Ostankino is one of the oldest buildings that are preserved in the estate.    In 1678 patriarch Ioakov blessed the building of a new stone church instead of the decayed wooden.
From February 2013 Palace is closed for reconstruction and you can visit only the park.




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