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 Yasenevo Palace 


     Yasenevo is a historical estate in Moscow situated on the territory of Bitsevski Park. The building of the estate was built at the times of the Lopuhinys. The building is closed due to the renovation.
     Yasenevo is one of the ancient settlements of Moscow Region. From 1339 it was known as grand ducal and later as royal patrimony.
     Opposite the estate you can see the Church of Peter and Paul which was built in the 1750s. In this church on the 9th of July 1822 parents of Leo Tolstoy count Nikolay Iliich Tolstoy and princess Marija Nikolaevna Volkonskaya got married.
     Behind the church are the main buildings of the estate: a baroque manor and outbuildings connected with a fence that make up a united ensemble with the manor but that are more reserved.
     From west, south and east the main buildings are surrounded by a linden park. In the western part of the park are two ponds that were mentioned in the park plan in 1766. One more chain of ponds separated the manor from peasants' houses. At first there were 4 of them. Nowadays there are 2 ponds. They lost their historical configuration and were dug again in the 1980s.




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