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 Manor of the Romanovs. Zaryadye. 


     Zaryadye was a name for a part on the centre of Moscow that was situated behind trade shops next to the Kremlin. The district is situated to the east from the Kremlin. The name was given to the district in the 16th century. The Chambers of the Romanovs are the only that remained from the great manor.
     The historical complex includes ancient chambers, a cathedral with gilt domes, churches, a notched rampart - 11 different in style and designation buildings of the 16th-18th centuries. Among them - the Church of the Great Martyr Varvara, the Cathedral of the Monastery of the Holy Sign-painter, the temples of Maxim the Blessed and George on the Pskovian Hill and the Church of the Navity of St John the Baptist with a side-altar in honor of Kliment who was the Pope, that is situated on Varvarskaya Square. Here are the oldest buildings in Moscow - Old English Yard and Chambers of the Romanovs. The notched wall of Kitay-gorod completes the architectural ensemble. It is a huge open-air museum of Old Russian building.
      The Chambers are separated into 2 parts - for men and for women. On the ground floor in the men's part you can see: "Dining chamber", "A boyar's study", "Library", "Room of the elderly sons". On the first floor in the women's part you can see: "Seni", "A boyar's room" and "A bright room". The vaults were used as pantries. The interiors of the ancient Chambers show the originality of Russian life and culture in the 17th century. The interiors are made up mainly from authentic objects of the 17th century: glased tile stoves, silver and covered with enamel crockery, sewing, women's jewelry, trunks, baskets, furniture and wonderful paintings on the walls.




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