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 All-Russia Exhibition Center (VDNKh) 


     All-Russia Exhibition Center is an exhibition complex in north-eastern part of Moscow. It is the second biggest exhibition complex in Moscow and one of 50 the biggest in the world. The square of the whole territory is 237,5 hectares and the square of the exhibition pavilions is 134 000 square meters.
     The exhibition complex was opened in 1939 as "All-Union Agricultural Exhibition" and was performing its functions up to 1941. In 1941 the exhibition was open for only 1 month and 5 days. After the war the exhibition was opened only in 1954 after reconstruction that started in 1950. In 1959 the complex changed its name to "All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy USSR (VDNKh USSR). In 1992 the complex received its today's name.
    The territory of All-Russia Exhibition Center has a lot of architectural memorials many of which are famous worldwide. The memorials were created in the Soviet times and they represent a memorial of the Soviet era and show the architectural style of that time. Among these memorials we should name monument "Worker and Kolhoz Woman" created by sculptor Vera Mukhina and architect Boris Iofan, fountains "Friendship of peoples" and "Stone flower", pavilions of the Ukrainian SSR, the Uzbek SSR, Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture in the USSR.




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