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 Losiny Ostrov National Park 


     Losiny Ostrov is one of the first national parks in Russia. It is the biggest forest tract in Moscow and the biggest forest within the city. The total territory is about 120 square km. The park is divided into three functional zones: specially protected area, area for walking and sport activities (certain routes) and public area.
     Losiny Ostrov is known from 1406. From the 15th to 18th century the area was a part of Tajninskaya court volost, the ground of which was the hunting lands for Russian princes and sovereigns. Generally there was reserve status in Losiny Ostrov. The first forestry was founded here in 1842.
     More than 500 types of plants are growing in Losiny Ostrov. Many of the, are rare and are protected in Moscow and Moscow Region. There are also more than 230 types of vertebrate animals and more than 160 types of birds.




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