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 Clean Ponds 


     Clean Ponds is a pond in Moscow. Historically it was near the walls of Bely Gorod, from the 18th century it is situated on Chistoprudny Boulevard. The park zone on the Boulevard has the same name.
      The pond is known from the 17th century as Unclean swamps (there were butcher’s shops near the pond and all waste was dumped in the pond). The river Rachka flew from the pond, flew to the south and flew to the Moscow River near the future Moscow Orphanage. At the beginning of the 18th century the pond became a part of the Moscow estate of A.D.Menshikov, was cleaned and from that time it has been called Clean Ponds.
      From the 1990s Clean Ponds became famous in the whole country as a cult place of the capital where the artistic circles and informal groups, fans of alternative music like rockers, punks, metalheads and goths are gathering. Usually people meet near the memorial to Aleksander Sergeyevich Griboyedov. In winter the pond becomes an ice-rink.




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