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 Sokolniki park 


     Sokolniki is a park situated on the territory of the Sokolniki district (north-eastern part of Moscow) and it borders with Losiny Ostrov National Park. The area of the park makes up about 600 hectares. In the 16-17th century there were royal falconries and that is why the park has such a name.
     Nowadays there are a number of sports facilities in the park and the biggest are - sports and recreation centre “Sokolniki” (combats, dancing, chess) and a centre for outside sports (football pitches, volleyball courts, badminton and tennis courts). There are also a skate-park, a climbing wall, the biggest in Moscow go-kart track with the track that is 450 meters long. The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was opened on the territory of the park in 2008. There is a ground for public events in the park.




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