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 Streets of Zamoskvorechie 


     Zamoskvorechie is a historical district in Moscow situated on the opposite side from the Kremlin on the bank of the Moscow river.
     As a historical area Zamoskvorechie started forming at the beginning of the 1200s. There was a road that led to the Golden Horde and Russian people and those from the Horde started building there their houses opposite the Kremlin and the area was called Zarechie. The first mentioning of Zarechie in documents dates back to 1365. Since the ruling of Vasilij Dmitrievich, son of Dmitrij Donskoy there were prince and later royal gardens. The most famous sightseeings of Zamoskvorechie are churches and museums. The most prominent is Joy of All Who Sorrow Church that was built in 1790. Church of Clement Pope of Tome is still preserved (1762). In Lavrushinsky Lane of Zamoskvorechie is situated one of the most famous Moscow museums - the State Tretyakov Gallery.




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