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     We invite everybody especially our Moscow guests to take part in our culinary lessons of Russian cuisine. Finally all these famous “bliny” (pancakes), “pelmeni” (boiled pastry with minced meat), “okroshka” (cold summer vegetable soup) and other dishes are open to beginners and culinary amateurs! For the most demanding gourmets we have prepared some special menus based on cooking traditions of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and all the former Soviet Union countries, wine-tasting, special baking lessons, historical meals (recipes from the Tsar and Nobleman Feasts). On the weekends we organize Moscow Market Tours, children’s special events and celebrations, gourmet traveling to taste the finest foods of Russia. Our kitchen is homelike and fully equipped with high class Electrolux appliances. The classes are held in both Russian and English and cover all details of European cooking methodology (hands-on cooking). All our chefs are friendly world-class professionals with extensive teaching experience.




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