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 Museum of a History of the Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev 


     Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev - is one of the leading Russian chemical universities which trains specialists, bachelors and masters in the following areas: Chemical Technology, Petrochemistry, Biotechnology, Energy and Resources Preservation, Environmental Protection, Nanotechnology, Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Energy Saturated Materials, Materials of Modern Energetics, Technological Safety, Economy and Sociology. This university is a most dynamic one within an Education and Methodics Assosiation in the field of Chemistry and Biotechnology.

     Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev has a museum of its own history. A room of Labour and Military Glory of the museum was founded at Reserve-officer training Department in Shelepikha region in 1981. On the 21st of November in 1981 G.D.Yagodin, the rector of university, hold a first excursion in the museum. This day is considered to be the day of the foundation of museum.

     Expositions: “ D.I.Mendeleev and his contribution to the development of Chemistry and Chemical Technology”, Life Tree of the Russian Chemical – Technological University”, “Roots of Academic –Pedagogical schools within the russian Chemical – Technological University”, “University – Holder of an Order”, “Russian Chemical – Technological University during war years”, “ Youth organisations, participation in SOF”, “Traditions of Russian Chemical – Technological University”, “ Academic schools”, “International ties”, “Graduates of Russian Chemical – Technological University”. “Russian Chemical – Technological University today”.




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