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 The museum of history of Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy 


     Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A.Timiryazev or “Timiryazev Academy” – is one of the oldest academies in Russia and is under the supervision of Russian Ministry of Agriculture.
     The exposition of the museum introduces the history of the largest agricultural museum in the country, the history of the region since 17th c., to its visitors, it tells about architecture (18th – 19th cc.), biography of outstanding scientists (Vavilov, Timiryazev and others), the history of the parks (18th – 19th cc.), it tells how most famous culture figures ( Dostoevskiy, Mayakovskiy, Golovin, Melnnikov and others) contributed to the Academy.

      Opening hours:
      Monday – Thursday10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
      Friday-Sunday – days off




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