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 Museum of Decorative and Industrial Arts at MGHPA them. SG Stroganoff 


     MGHPA them. SG Stroganoff – is one of the oldest Russian Art University which specializes in the fields of industrial, design, interior and applied arts.
      Museum of Decorative and Industrial Arts at MGHPA them. SG Stroganoff is one of the most unique museums in Russia, which was founded in 1864 by the director of the Stroganov School of Technical Drawing V.I. Butovskiy. The museum's collection began with the collection of plaster casts of architectural fragments and ornaments and with the monuments of ancient Russian architecture. Graphic material was actively collected, a lot of sketches and copies of ancient manuscripts were made. Then a collection of samples of Russian decorative art began to form. Subsequently, the museum collection was supplemented with collections of ancient, Western European and Oriental art.
      The exposition of the museum consists of two halls. One is devoted to the history of the Stroganov School. The second room reflects the stages of development and stylistic trends of arts and crafts of Russia, Europe, Asia, the Middle and Far East. Temporal boundaries of exhibits cover the period from the 2nd c. B.C. to the 19th c.

      Opening hours:
      Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
      Saturday-Sunday – days off




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