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 The Planetarium of the city of Moscow 


     Moscow Planetarium is one of the largest and the oldest planetariums in Russia. When founded it was the only one in Russia anв was the thirteenth one in the world. One of the main objectives of the planetarium is promotion of natural sciences. There is an observatory in Moscow planetarium when different space object can be observed.
     The building of planetarium is multi-levelled. On the underground level (lower ground floor) visitors can find a small star hall where children can get acquainted with a model of starry sky, a 4-D cinema, interactive museum “Lunarium” (expositions on physics and astronomy). There are also expositions of the “Lunarium” on the first level (1st floor) which are dedicated to the history of space exploration, halls of Urania museum where visitors can learn a lot about the history of the planetarium itself. On the second level (2nd floor) there are two observatories: a large one with the largest telescope (300 mm in diameter) in Moscow which is open to the public and a small one also with a telescope (400mm in diameter), moreover, there is “Sky Park” with a collection of astronomical instruments there and a hall of Urania museum with a collection of meteorites and historical Zeiss equipment. On the third level (3rd floor) right under the dome there is a Large Star Hall with a projection device which gives us an opportunity to see more than 9 thousands celestial bodies and their movement around the sky in the course of time.

     Opening hours:
     Mondays – Fridays (except Tuesdays) – 10 a.m – 9 p.m.
     Saturdays – Sundays – 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.





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