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 Museum panorama the battle of Borodino 


     Museum panorama the battle of Borodino was opened on the territory of the former village Fili (now Kutusovsky Prospekt) in 1962.
     The highlights of the memorial complex are the peasant hut (izba) in Fili reconstructed after fire of 1887 and the panorama of Borodino battle itself finished by F.A.Rubo in 1912.
     To commemorate 100th anniversary of Patriotic war of 1812 upon Russian Emperor Nikolay II`s order artist F.Rubo painted a panorama “ The battle of Borodino”. I.G.Myasoedov and B.M.Kolubakin participated in painting this panorama. First the panorama was introduced to the public in 1912 in an exhibition hall specially built by architect P.A.Vorontsov – Velyaminov in Tschistye Prudy in Moscow. The openwork dome was designed by an engineer E.Izrailovich. In 1918 the panorama was renovated and after a long restoration by painter P.D.Koryakin was opened again in the museum in Kutuzovsky prospekt to commemorate 150th anniversary of the battle of Borodino. In 2007 a department ‘Museum of Heroes” was opened.

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