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 The Kutuzov Hut Museum 


     The Kutuzov Hut Museum is a part of Museum panorama the battle of Borodino and is devoted to the key even of the Patriotic War of 1812 – War Council.
    Having become famous peasant Frolov`s hut was destroyed by fire in 1868. A big part of the furnishings was destroyed as well. In 1883 Grenadier Guards erected a monument on the place where there used to be a hut. The description of the hut is extant, the only true to life description can be found in a small essay by Alexey Kondratjevich Savrasov which was written in 1866-1867 when the Savrasovs were on holidays in the suburbs of Moscow.
     A new hut was restored in accordance with the project designed by an engineer M.N.Litvinov and architect N. D. Strukov who resorted to paintings by Savrasv. A restored hut was sanctified solemnly in 1887.

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