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 Museum of Underground Printing-ouse (1905-1906 ) 


     Museum of Underground Printing-ouse (1905-1906 ) is a historical museum in Moscow, an affiliate of the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. It was opened in 1924. The museum is a unique monument of the political history of Russia during the period of the first Revolution of 1905-1907 and is devoted primarily to illegal activity of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party during those years.
     The museum is located in an old Moscow district in a three-storey building of 19th c. that belonged to a tradesman Kuzma Kolupaev. The museum is located on the first floor in the left wing of the building where during the First Russian Revolution period that was illegal printing - office.
     The interior of the basement where there was the printed –office represented a warehouse of boxes with fruit and barrels with cheese which contained piled of illegal newspapers and leaflets. The printing –office itself with a printing machine was a bit lower than the basement in a well for ground water run-off which can be now seen through a small window in the wall of the basement.
     There are several stands with photos, copies of documents and full descriptions of the history of the typography and its workers.

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