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 Archangel Cathedral. Moscow excursions 


Saint Michael the Archangel Cathedral (the Archangel Cathedral) in the Kremlin is an orthodox cathedral located in the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. The first wooden Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin emerged at the place of today’s cathedral probably during reign of Mikhail Khorobrit, Alexander Nevsky’s brother, in 1247-1248. In 1333, Ivan Kalita built a new stone church in one summer votively as a sign of gratitude for relieving the Rus of famine. The Cathedral has 15th-16th century fresco paintings, and also a wooden iconostasis with 17th-19th century icons. The Cathedral’s preserved painting was made in 1652-1666 (Yakob Kazaniets, Stepan Ryazaniets, and Iosiph Vladimirov). The Cathedral has 54 entombments including the hallows of saint prince Dmitriy Ivanovich and Mikhail Chernigovskiy, 46 white stone ornamented gravestones from 1636-1637, bronze vitrified casings (1903). In 1928, tombs of women of the Rurik and Romanovy dynasties were moved to the crypt of the southern lean-to of the Archangel Cathedral.




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