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 Faceted Chamber. Moscow excursions 


The Faceted Chamber is an architectural monument in the Moscow Kremlin and one of the most ancient civil buildings in Moscow. It was built in 1487-1491 upon the order of Ivan III in the place of an ancient refectory by Italian architects Marco Ruffo and Pietro Antonio Solari. It owes its name to the eastern façade finished with faceted stone rustication typical of Italian Renaissance architecture. Its initial name was the Large Chamber. The Faceted Chamber is the main gala presence chamber of the grand prince palace. Councils of boyars, Assembly of Land meetings, celebrations in honour of conquering Kazan (1552), the victory at Poltava (1709), and the conclusion of the Nishtadt Peace Treaty with Sweden (1721) were held here. It was here that the decision to reunite Ukraine and Russia was made at the Assembly of Land in 1653. At present, the Faceted Chamber is one of the ceremonial halls of the Residence of the Russian Federation.




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