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 Ivan the Great Belfry. Moscow excursions 


Ivan the Great Belfry is an orthodox church located in the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. The Belfry is 81m high. Until the late 19th century, when the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was built, Ivan the Great Belfry had been the highest building in Moscow. In 1505, the older church built in 1329 was dismantled and a new church was erected by invited Italian master Bon Fryazin in commemoration of Ivan III who died while reigning. In 1532-1543, architect Petrock Malyy built a rectangular bell tower with the Lord’s Ascension Cathedral from the Church’s northern side. In 1600, under Tsar Boris Godunov, another one was attached to Ioann Lestvichnik’s two stages after which the Belfry took on the modern form. In 1812, the French blew up lean-tos at Ivan the Great which were later rebuilt, but in a different form. The Belfry has 34 bells in total: the Main Bells include the Assumption (the largest), the Reut, and the Revun bells. Other bells include: the Bear (1501, the most ancient), Tatarin, Lebed, Golodar, Korsunskiy, and other bells. 




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