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 Lenins Mausoleum Moscow 


V. I. Lenin’s mausoleum is a monument-shrine to Vladimir Illyich Lenin (22.04.1870 – 21.01.1924), the founder of the Soviet state, and is located in Red Square at the Kremlin wall in Moscow. The first wooden mausoleum (designed by A. V. Shchusev) was erected for the day of Vladimir Illyich Lenin’s burial (January 27, 1924); it had the form of a cube crowned with a three-step pyramid; tribunes were attached to both sides of the step volume of the second temporary wooden mausoleum erected in spring of 1924 (designed by A. V. Shchusev). The laconic forms of the second Mausoleum were used when the third reinforced concrete variant was designed, existing today with brick walls and granite veneer and refined with marble, labradorite, and porphyry (1929-1930, designed by A. V. Shchusev and a team of authors). Inside the building, there is a vestibule and a mourning hall decorated by I. I. Nivinskiy with a surface of 1,000 m2. In 1930, new guest tribunes were erected to the mausoleum’s sides (architect I. A. Frantsuz); the tombs at the Kremlin walls were decorated. In 1973, a bullet proof sarcophagus was installed (chief designer N. A. Myzin, sculptor N. V.Tomskiy).




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