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 Place of Execution (Lobnoye Mesto) Moscow excursions 


The Place of Execution is a monument to ancient Russian architecture in Moscow’s Red Square. It is a tribune surrounded by a stone fence. It was first mentioned in the annals in 1549 when the twenty year old tsar Ivan the Terrible delivered a speech to the people in the Place of Execution, calling the belligerent court nobility to reconcile. Different versions explain the name’s etymology. In fact, “lobnoye” simply means a location: the Vassilyevskiy slope in the beginning of which the Place of Execution is located was called the “forehead” in the Middle Ages (a widely used word to name steep slopes to a river in Medieval Russia). There is also a mistaken belief that the Place of Execution was a place of public execution in the 14th-19th centuries. However, no executions were held in the Place of Execution because it was believed to be a holy place. This place was used to announce a tsar’s orders and hold other solemn public events. Nevertheless, the Place of Execution witnessed executions only in 1698 when the soldier uprising was suppressed.




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