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 Red Square Moscow 


Red Square is Moscow’s main and most famous square located downtown at the Kremlin’s north-eastern wall between Kremlin Drive, Resurrection Gate Drive, Nikolskaya Street, Ilyinka, Varvarka, and the Kremlin riverside. The Moscow Kremlin is located to its west; the GUM and Kitai-gorod are located to its east, the Historical Museum and the Cathedral of Kazan Madonna Icon are located to its north, the Pokrovsky Cathedral (Cathedral of Basil the Blessed) is located to its south. The square is 330 metres long and 70 metres wide. The square harbours the Place of Execution, monuments to Minin and Pozharskiy, V. I. Lenin’s mausoleum which is located next to the Necropolis at the Kremlin wall where statesmen of the Soviet state were buried.  




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