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 Sparrow Hills. Moscow excursions 


The Sparrow Hills is the name of a place in Moscow’s south-western area which is the high right bank of the Moscow River covered by an urban forest. It is located in front of Luzhniki and is considered one of the seven hills of Moscow. They extend from the Setun River’s estuary to the Andreyevskiy Bridge of the Moscow Railway Small Ring. It is adjacent to the Neskuchnyy Garden in the east. The hill which runs to the river is divided by deep ravines; there are also underground water orifices (well springs). The Sparrow Hills landscape forms the park of the same name which includes three reserved ponds, and also a mass of a broad-leaved forest. They were named after Vorobyovo village which existed there in the Middle Ages. In 1949-1953, the Sparrow Hills area saw the construction of a complex of buildings of the Moscow State University with a viewpoint from where a spectacular view of Moscow is opened. The viewpoint is now one of the most popular leisure places among Muscovites, and also one of the main places visited by marriage processions and the place where a number of interest groups of people gather (motorcycle fans, street racers, etc). There is a ski jump operating in the Sparrow Hills, and also an illuminated ski slope with a chair lift. In 1987, the Sparrow Hills were declared a natural sanctuary.




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