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 St. Basils Cathedral Moscow 


The Pokrovsky Cathedral, located on the Ditch which is also named St. Basil’s Cathedral, is an orthodox cathedral located in Moscow’s Red Square. It is a widely known monument of Russian architecture. Prior to the 17th century it was named Troitskiy because the initial wooden cathedral was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The Pokrovsky Cathedral was built in 1555-1560 by order of Ivan the Terrible in commemoration of conquering Kazan and victory over Kazan khanate. A side-chapel was attached to the cathedral in 1588 which was hallowed in honour of Basil the Blessed (1469-1552) whose hallows were in the place of the cathedral’s building. In honour of this side-chapel, the Cathedral was given a second everyday name. The Cathedral was restored many times. Asymmetric lean-tos, pavilions over perrons, fancy decorative refinement of cupolas, and interior and exterior ornamental painting (the Cathedral was initially white) were added in the 17th century. The main Pokrovskaya Church has an iconostasis from the Kremlin Church of Chernigov Miracle Workers, dismantled in 1770. The Cathedral’s last prior (before the revolution), arch-priest Ioann Vostorgov, was shot dead on August 23 (September 05), 1919. Afterwards, the Renovated Cathedral was handed over to the Community.




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