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 Tsar Bell. Moscow excursions 


The Tsar Bell is a monument to 18th century Russian casting art. It was cast by Russian masters Ivan Matorin and Mikhail Matorin in 1733-1735 in the Cannon Courtyard upon the order of Empress Anna Ioanovna. The Bell is 6.24m high; its diameter is 6.6m; its weight is approximately 200t. When the Trinity fire broke in May 1737, the wooden structures surrounding it caught fire. When the fire was extinguished, water fell on the Bell and a significant part weighing 11.5t split off. This is the reason why the Bell was left in the casting pit where it remained for about 100 years. In 1836, the Tsar Bell was lifted from the casting pit and installed in the Moscow Kremlin on a pedestal made according to August Monferran’s design.




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