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 Tverskaya Street. Moscow excursions 


     Tverskaya Street is Moscow’s central street. Tverskaya Street passes from Manezhnaya Square through the Tverskoy District, crosses the Boulevard Ring near Pushkin Square and ends at Triumfalnaya Square. It is extended by 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street and goes to Leningradskiy Avenue near the Byelorusskiy Station. Tverskaya Street is one of Moscow’s most expensive trade streets. It is also a nightlife and entertainment centre. According to certain historical data, Tverskaya Street already existed in the 12th century. Tverskaya road passed from the Kremlin to Tverskaya Street beginning in the 14th century. In the 18th–19th centuries, Tverskaya Street was the city’s main street. Moscow’s best buildings, hotels, and shops were built here. Other architectural masterpieces include the English Club (1780, building No 21) and Yeliseyevskiy Shop (1770, rebuilt in the 1790s and in 1898, building No 14). Under the Russian Empire, Tverskaya Street’s importance consisted in the fact that it was by this street that tsars used to enter Moscow from the northern capital on their way to the Kremlin. Under Stalin, all the churches and many other historical buildings were destroyed in order to free-up room for typical Stalin architecture construction. In order to suit growing street traffic, Tverskaya Street was extended to its present size.




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