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 Yeliseyevskiy Shop. Moscow excursions 


In 1898, building No. 14 on Tverskaya Street was purchased by Yeliseyev Grigoriy Grigoryevich, a millionaire-merchant from St. Petersburg. The building was enclosed in timber scaffold from all sides so that no one could penetrate into its territory and a new global reconstruction began. In 1901, the mysterious curtain was drawn: Yeliseyev opened a luxury shop named “Yeliseyev’s shop and cellars of Russian and foreign wines”. In total, five departments were opened in the Yeliseyevskiy Shop: colonial and gastronomic goods, Baccarat crystal ware, grocery, confectionery, and the largest fruit department. There was also a wine cellar and production facilities. Muscovites liked the olive oil which Yeliseyev was purchasing in Provence. He also made them love French truffles and oysters. Russian gigot, balyk from white fish and sturgeon, and caviar successfully competed with overseas goods. The coffee and tea range was so rich that buyers were lost, and no one could go without stewards when it came to wine. The mansion on Tverskaya Street was owned by Yeliseyev until 1917. When the revolution began, Yeliseyev emigrated from Russia to France, and the shop was nationalized and owned by the State. During the whole Soviet époque, it was unofficially called Yeliseyevskiy Shop. The shop was kind of Moscow’s business card. It was visited not only in order to find deficit goods, but also to see the millionaire-merchant’s luxurious whim.

Yeliseyevskiy Shop




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