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 One-day trip to Russian antiquity, nature and music 


Plunge into Russian history, have a rest from the city fuss, commune with nature and finally have a Tea party and enjoy small home concert at Russian Dacha.

Get acquainted with ancient Russian country estate "Mouranovo", saint spring with its  tasty originally clean, natural mineral water called "Barskiy kolodets" and  Voznesenskaya church which was  laid according to legend  by Russian Saint Dmitry Donskoy and dedicated to the victory over the Golden Horde.

In the morning you'll be picked up at your hotel by our cultural guide and start your trip to the Moscow suburbs in private car. After 40 minutes’ drive from Moscow our cultural guide will show you the Museum-Reserve "Mouranovo Estate named after F. Tyutchev".The historic manor is located 50 km from Moscow along the Yaroslavl railroad. Mouranovo is a unique sample of middle-class noble manor of the XIX century. There lived a family of poet Fyudor Tyutchev. Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev is generally considered the last of three great Romantic poets of Russia, following Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov. One of Tyutchev's short poems has become something of a popular maxim in Russia:

Who would grasp Russia with the mind?

For her no yardstick was created:

Her soul is of a special kind,

By faith alone appreciated.

You will learn about events, connected with Mouranovo and its role in Russian poetry and music.

After the excursion to Mouranovo estate we'll go to "Barskiy kolodets". It’s a place (Small Square) where holly springs are coming from underground. It was called "Barskiy kolodets" cause all generations of inhabitants ( boyars) of the Mouranovo estate were taking water only from these springs(wells).You will have the possibility to slake your thirst at the holly springs and feel the refreshment.

Then we'll drive to village Rachmanovo and see Voznesenskaya church (Church of the Ascension of Christ). Rachmanovo village is known since the 14th century. In those days there stood a wooden church, as the legend  says it was built up by Prince Dmitry Donskoy in honor of his heavenly   Patron Saint Dmitry Solounsky.  According to legend, in thе  place, where Voznesenskaya church today is situated, during the Mongol invasion, was Prince Dmitry Donskoy' troops bivouac on the way to the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra. By night he prayed his heavenly Patron Saint Dmitry Solounssky, and in the Prince' dream, Saint Dmitry promised victory over the Tatars yoke, that later was confirmed by Saint Sergiy Radonezhsky. Don’t miss a chance to light a candle for your health before the miraculous icon of Saint Dmitry Solounssky.

By the way, two granddaughters of  poet Fyodor I. Tyutchev were buried at the Rachmanovo’s  churchyard. Both of them   Sophia Ivanovna and Ekaterina Ivanovna,  were maids of honor at the Russian Emperor’s Court  during the reign  of Nikolai II, the last Russian emperor.

After visiting Mouranovo  and  Rachmanovo yours excursions  will come to the end and finally you’ll have a rest at Russian Dacha of your cultural guide: English speaking Russian professional singer. During the Tea party you'll experience Russian lifestyle, try to eat traditional tasty homemade Russian food: piroshkis and blini filled with jam, caviar and other traditional fillings.  And after the party you will be presented    special musical program of performing traditional Russian songs and romances. Finally you will with have the unique opportunity to learn to sing the most popular Russian songs as Kalinka, Katiusza,  Podmoskovnye vechera.

Have a memorable experience of spending time in Russian antiquity and present.

               Available: from   the 17 of April till the 12 of October (in 2017)  on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday except last Friday of  each month

                Duration: 12 hours, Max travelers: 4, The cost of the tour – 33000 RUB

Inclusions: Transportation by  private car; pick- up and drop-off  at your Moscow’ hotel, Tour guiding, Museum-Reserve "Mouranovo Estate named after F. Tyutchev" entrance fee, Complex dinner  at the Museum-Reserve "Mouranovo Estate named after F. Tyutchev" café, Traditional Russian  Tea party with homemade Russian food: piroshkis and blini filled with jam, honey, caviar, other traditional  sweet, salty fillings and  Traditional Russian  hot beverages: vodka, wine and soft drinks, Music program.  Potpourri  on themes of  Russian folk  songs and romances, Singing lesson. Learning  to sing the most popular Russian songs.





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