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 Kremlin tour 


The Moscow Kremlin is the most ancient part of Moscow, the main social and political, spiritual and religious, historical and artistic complex of the capital. And it is also the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin tour includes several major excursions which can be combined into two distinct visits: inside the Kremlin walls and the Kremlin surroundings. You will have the opportunity of visiting Red Square, an almost mandatory tourist stop, and the Church of Vasily Blazhenny (St. Basil the Blessed). The Square is the most widely known monument of Russian architecture, a place of manifestations and parades, home to Lenin mausoleum and necropolis of Soviet statesmen.

Inside the walls of the Moscow Kremlin one will find the Assumption Cathedral, the major Russian Orthodox church on the Kremlin territory, the Archangel Cathedral with the tombs of great Moscow princes and tsars, the Annunciation Cathedral, formerly the domestic church of the tsars, the Church of the Deposition of the Virgin’s Robe, the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, the highest structure inside the Kremlin, the Faceted Chamber and the Patriarch’s Palace in the Cathedral square. The Armoury Museum holds precious collections of state regalia, armaments, clothing, coaches, horse equipment, thrones, ambassadorial gifts gathered in the tsars’ treasury over the centuries.

The Kremlin is located on the Borovitsky Hill at the confluence of the Moskva and the Neglinnaya rivers. From this perspective, the Kremlin has the form of an irregular triangle with a surface of 27.5 ha. Its southern wall runs along the Moscow River; its north-western wall runs along Aleksandrovsky Garden, its eastern wall runs along Red Square. When the Soviets came to power, the Kremlin became one of the symbols of the new order. In 1935-1937 double-headed eagles which crowned Spasskaya, Nikolskaya, Troitskaya, Borovitskaya and Vodovzvodnaya towers were replaced with ruby glass stars. In 1955 the Kremlin was opened to visitors as a museum.  

Excursions last  3 hours. During this short period of time you will plunge into the centuries-old history of Russia.

Excursion must be booked in 7 working days.

Kremlin Tour Options

Duration of excursion

Price per person

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Armory and Kremlin territory including 1 Cathedral

3 hours






Kremlin territory and surroundings

3 hours






Armory and Kremlin surroundings

3 hours






Kremlin tour




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