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  Shopping tour 



      For many tourists no holiday tour can be enjoyable or complete without excellent shopping. This means buying gifts for yourself as well as for your relatives, friends and beloved. Purchasing gifts and offering them to dear ones raise warm feelings and you tend to remember your holiday impressions longer and more vividly. When your eyes happen to rest on the souvenirs, a mysterious smile appears on your face, bringing bright and colorful moments of your holiday tour in Moscow back to you. You will have a chance to find something special that will make your heart flutter and remind you of your holidays or surprise your friends.

      There are many fantastic shopping opportunities in Moscow. No matter what kind of shops and boutiques you are interested in – we will develop a tour based on your personal interests. We know all the places of high fashion. We know where to find best instruments, fur coats, paintings, books, plates and dishes and many other things. If there is anything that we do not know, we will find it out for you.

    You will visit the most famous shopping centers, small shops and markets in the capital. Our guides will accompany, assist you and guide you through this vast world of shopping. They will give you a piece of advice on:

- how to avoid buying souvenirs made in China, but not in Russia
- which brand of vodka is the best one
- where to buy the cheapest high quality black caviar
- how to recognize which amber stone is real and which one is an imitation
- where to find the biggest variety of famous brands of Russian watches for men and women
- which shops make the best offerings of Russian branded jewelry
- where to purchase nice art pieces with all necessary documents for the customs supervision to export abroad
- which souvenirs and items can and cannot be exported abroad.

     The duration of this tour can be accommodated to your wishes and preferences.

      Enjoy your shopping!



   Costs for Excursion (duration 3 hours):

 - RUR 6,000 for individual tour (1 participant);

- RUR 3,000 per person (group of 2 participants);

- RUR 2,000 per person (group of 3 participants).




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