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 The Underground and market. Moscow Metro. Moscow excursions 


The Moscow Underground celebrated its 75th birthday in May 2010. During this period of time, 180 stations were built and integrated into 12 high-speed transport lines covering 298,2 km. We will visit the rail lines situated very deep underground or high above the water; we will see the old stations and the modern ones. During the Second World War, the Underground served as a bombproof shelter for thousands of people. During your visit, you will once again be plunged into a bygone period of history. The Underground now serves as a means of transportation for more than 9 million passengers daily, and we will also join the crowd of passengers. We will stop at one of the stations to visit a present-day Russian market that has no analogues in any of the European countries.

The excursion lasts 2 - 3 hours.

 Costs for Excursion:

 - RUR 6,000 for individual tour (1 participant);

 - RUR 3,000 per person (group of 2 participants);

 - RUR 2,000 per person (group of 3 participants);

 - RUR 1,500 per person (group of 4 participants and more).




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